Commercial & Residential Asbestos Removal

What Is Asbestos?

Commercial Asbestos Removal - Albany NYAsbestos is a group of minerals that is composed of fine, durable fibers. Because it is resistant to fire and many chemicals, it has been used for decades in the formation of insulation, flooring, ceiling tiles and much more.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the use of asbestos in household materials was stopped. Health professionals discovered that exposure to asbestos caused diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma (a rare cancer with no known cure). Asbestos is extremely dangerous and should only be handled by experts that are authorized to remove and dispose of it properly.

Why You Need a Professional

If you disturb asbestos, you risk it becoming airborne. Its microscopic fibers can easily be breathed in and embedded in your lungs. Because of the extreme health hazards, asbestos removal is typically required before an older building is demolished. There are even state laws put in place to prevent the mishandling and incorrect disposal of asbestos.

Our Years of Specialized Experience

At Kascon LLC, asbestos abatement is our primary service. Our professional equipment and years of experience allow us to safely and thoroughly handle the treatment of your building. We are proficient with large-scale asbestos removal and trained in proper asbestos disposal procedures.

Thorough Asbestos Abatement

We start our removal process by sealing off the area in order to prevent fibers from contaminating other spaces. A vacuum that is certified for asbestos removal is then used to securely contain the fibers until it can be disposed of appropriately. Call Kascon LLC for professional service that is done efficiently, carefully and on your schedule.