Lead Paint Removal & Treatment Services

A Hidden Peril

Lead Paint Removal Services - Rochester NYYou may be in danger if you live or work in a building that was built before 1978. For a significant portion of the 1900s, lead was a common component in the making of interior and exterior paint. It was added to increase durability, repel moisture and speed up the drying process. It wasn’t until the late ‘70s that the full dangers of lead poisoning were discovered and the use of it declined.

The Hazards of Lead Paint

It is commonly thought that contracting lead poisoning is only a risk if the painted wall is damaged; this is a dangerous myth. Regular paint weathering is enough to contaminate soil, water and even air. Lead poisoning is often difficult to detect because people may seem perfectly healthy until toxic amounts have accumulated in their bodies. Children are especially susceptible and could be in danger of permanent damage.

Our Years of Specialized Experience

At Kascon LLC, we have over a decade of experience handling the removal and proper disposal of lead paint and contaminated materials. Our expert crew uses proven techniques to guarantee that the job is done carefully and thoroughly. Whether you’re renovating your office or ensuring that your school is safe for both staff and students, we can get you a lead-free building you will enjoy for many years.

Our Lead Abatement Process

We begin our process by sealing the affected area off to prevent further lead dust contamination. Our skilled team will then estimate the best method to handle your particular situation. Some examples of these methods are wire brushing, wet sanding and using a low-temperature heat gun. Once the paint is removed, we ensure the careful disposal of all contaminated material. Get our help and enjoy the comfort of a safe, renewed space that will last a lifetime.