Central New York Hazardous Material Removal

Providing a Secure Property

Your home or office should be safe. These are the places where you earn your living and raise your family. Don’t let the presence of hazardous materials on your property put your company or loved ones at risk. Whether your business renovation needs asbestos abatement or there is an infestation of mold in your living room, get the professional care you need to feel secure in your space again.

Experienced Hazard Removal

At Kascon LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with our efficient hazard-removal services. We’ve handled a wide variety of abatement projects with results ranging from 1,500 to over a million dollars in value. Our crew has over a decade of experience expertly handling dangerous substances and properly disposing of them. From delicate paint removal to the extensive abatement of harmful substances, we will get your building safe with our customized care.

By offering quick service, and safe results we invite you to check out our extensive services below.

Asbestos Abatement

Don’t gamble with your safety. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous material, and any disturbance of it could easily send the fibers airborne. It needs to be removed from your property, but you should never try to do it by yourself. We specialize in safe, efficient asbestos removal for your building.

Mold Remediation

Get professional help with any mold infestation in your home or office. Mold can spread through a property in just a few days, so fast action is required in order to stop it. Our experienced team works quickly and thoroughly to get your building safe as soon as possible.

Lead Removal

Many older homes are coated with lead-based paint. If lead has been identified in your building, we offer comprehensive removal services to help you get rid of your dangerous problem. Breathe easy again knowing that your property is safe.

Graffiti and Hazard Elimination

Get expert graffiti, paint and hazard removal for your home or office. Our knowledgeable crew is proficient at handling stubborn marks and dangerous substances with the proper equipment and caution. We’ll get the job done right, so you can enjoy a safe and renewed space for years to come.