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Lead can be a serious potential problem. Its toxicity can cause all sorts of health issues—and worse, it can often be found in older buildings because of its common use in paint. Don’t deal with lead inside your building; get rid of it by reaching out to our professionals.

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At one point, lead was thought to have many benefits—but those benefits have been greatly outweighed by the dangers. Now, people may be stuck in buildings that are filled with lead, but don’t know how to get rid of it.

That’s where our team at Kascon, LLC, can help. We can provide lead removal services to clients throughout Waterville, NY, and all of New York State. Our experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively remove lead from your property; we will work with care, paying close attention to even the smallest details to completely get rid of lead. When you partner with us, you’ll receive attentive assistance from professionals that you know you can trust.

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What Is Lead?

Lead is a type of heavy metal that’s found naturally in the environment. It had a number of uses—including being added to paints for years. For one, adding lead to paint could help change the color, helping to produce a more striking look. In addition, adding lead to paint helped it to dry faster, made the paint more durable, and added moisture resistance.

Why Is Lead Dangerous?

Lead can be found in many places, but it can have noticeably higher concentrations in older buildings, since so many of those buildings would’ve used lead-based paint. While lead obviously had some benefits, it also had a significant problem that people weren’t aware of at the time: it’s toxic. If too much lead is in the body, then it can cause a number of problems, including kidney damage, seizures, and brain damage. If the lead poisoning is bad enough, then it can even lead to a coma or death.

We’re Prepared to Help You Get Rid of Lead from Your Building

While lead has been phased out of most modern paints, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be inside your building. Older buildings often used lead-based paint, which means that your property could potentially be dangerous without you realizing it. If you own an older building, then it’s generally recommended to reach out to a lead removal company for assistance. They can help you determine if you have lead-based paint—and, if you do, provide you with the lead removal services you need to get rid of it.

At Kascon, LLC, we can provide you with lead removal services to help protect you and anyone else who enters your building. The very first thing we’ll do is examine your building in order to determine if you have excessive amounts of lead in your property. If you do, we’ll take note of the affected areas and seal them off. This way, we can prevent any further lead dust contamination. Once that’s done, we’ll determine the best way to address the issue.

Some things we might do to get rid of lead include:

  • Wire Brushing: A wire brush is, as the name implies, a type of brush that has bristles made of wire. These tools can be incredibly useful for paint removal, since they can get into smaller, harder to reach areas and carefully peel paint off the walls. Our professionals will work with care in order to make sure that the paint is peeled off safely, and will make sure that any paint chips are collected.
  • Wet Sanding: Wet sanding is a sanding method that uses water or some other liquid in order to get rid of grit. While typically used to give something a beautiful finish, it can also be used to get rid of lead paint. The moisture can help prevent lead dust from spreading, and the sanding method can allow us to carefully get rid of layers of paint.
  • Using a Low-Temperature Heat Gun: A heat gun can be incredibly effective at removing paint. The heat produced from our low-temperature heat guns is just enough to melt the paint slightly, making it easier to remove. Our professionals will work with care in order to make sure that everything is done correctly.

After we’ve successfully removed any lead paint, we’ll make sure to properly dispose of any contaminated materials. Our professionals have extensive training in handling hazardous materials, so you can be confident that we’ll handle everything safely and effectively.

Trust Us to Help with Graffiti Removal and More

Lead paint can be incredibly dangerous, but it’s not the only thing that might cause problems. Graffiti on your building’s side may not be inherently dangerous, but it can be an eyesore—and, if you’re a business owner, can drive away potential customers. Getting rid of graffiti can be a huge hassle—so consider getting graffiti removal services from a professional.

At Kascon, LLC, we’re prepared to help you make getting graffiti off your building easy. We’ll work with care, paying close attention to the details to make sure that any graffiti is removed properly. With our help, you can make your building look amazing again in no time.

Our lead removal and graffiti removal company is based in Waterville, NY, and can serve clients all throughout New York State. We can provide you with paint stripping, even if the paint isn’t lead-based! If you’d like to learn more—or want to get a free estimate—then consider giving us a call. Learn more about our graffiti and lead removal services today.

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